Our shipping method is designed to be straightforward and fair, featuring a flat rate of $18 for all orders. This transparent pricing model ensures that customers have a clear understanding of shipping costs from the moment they add items to their cart. We believe in simplicity and honesty, providing an uncomplicated and predictable shipping experience for our valued customers.


In strict compliance with California law, Gxsawoo upholds a principled stance on international transactions. We do not conduct business or provide services/products to countries under OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions. This commitment aligns with our dedication to ethical business practices and legal standards, ensuring that our operations are conducted with integrity and responsibility on the global stage.


Customers should be mindful that making multiple transactions may lead to multiple postings on their monthly statements. This transparent billing practice allows customers to easily track and reconcile their expenses associated with Gxsawoo, providing a clear financial record. It also reflects our commitment to open communication and accountability in all our customer interactions.


Upon completing an order, customers receive a comprehensive confirmation email detailing the specifics of their purchase. To facilitate smooth communication throughout the shipping and delivery process, it is crucial to provide an accurate mobile number during the order placement. This proactive measure not only helps prevent delays but also allows for real-time updates on the status of the shipment.


Delivery Time Variability: Acknowledging the variability in shipping, delivery times are subject to change based on seasonal fluctuations, holiday periods, and weekends. Customers are encouraged to factor in these considerations to set realistic expectations for the arrival of their products.

Address Accuracy and Lost Packages: Gxsawoo places great emphasis on the accuracy of shipping/delivery addresses. Responsibility for lost packages due to inaccurate addresses lies with the customer. It is imperative for customers to meticulously verify and confirm the accuracy of their provided shipping details to ensure the successful receipt of their purchases.

Customs Policies and Associated Fees: Navigating international shipping complexities, customers are reminded that customs policies vary by country. All associated fees, taxes, and duties are the responsibility of the customer. A comprehensive understanding of their country’s customs regulations is advised to facilitate a seamless customs clearance process.

High-Value Orders: Gxsawoo reserves the right to evaluate and potentially adjust shipping charges for high-value orders. Customers will be promptly informed before the invoice is issued, ensuring complete transparency in shipping costs. This approach reflects our commitment to fairness and integrity in all business transactions.


In the rare instance of deviations in shipping times or for any additional inquiries, our customer support team is readily available. Whether through email at [email protected] or a phone call at (+1)9346001274, we prioritize prompt and personalized assistance to address any concerns and enhance the overall customer experience.