Should you find yourself in need of assistance, our customer service department stands ready to extend a helping hand, catering to any query that may occupy your thoughts.

  • Phone : Dial our digits at (+1)9346001274.
  • Email: For a more nuanced interaction, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].
  • Operating Hours: We are at your service every day from 9 AM to 6 PM, ensuring comprehensive accessibility to address your concerns.


Patience, a virtue we hold in high regard, is paramount as we diligently endeavor to respond to your query at the earliest juncture. While we strive for swift resolutions, kindly grant us a maximum of 24 hours to extend the courtesy of our response. Do bear in mind that the temporal landscape may experience fluctuations, particularly during weekends and public holidays.


Navigating the realms of financial transactions, we graciously accept Credit Card and PalPay as your conduits to seamless and secure transactions.


Embarking on the odyssey of returning an item requires a delicate orchestration:

  • For Card Payments, the repertoire includes the option of Refunds or Store Credit upon request.
  • Noteworthy: Store Credit graces your account for a validity period of one year from the date of purchase.
  • Returns for items procured at full price are welcomed within a hospitable 14-day window from the date of purchase.
  • Refunds, sculpted in the original form of payment (Card Payment exclusively), demand the accompaniment of a receipt, alongside the merchandise bedecked in its pristine, original condition.
  • It’s imperative to acknowledge that Shipping Fees, regrettably, do not embark on the journey of refundability.
  • A trifecta of prerequisites—unworn, unaltered, unwashed—alongside the steadfast retention of all tags and accessories ensures the eligibility of returns.


The meticulous contours of our return policy encapsulate a spectrum of considerations:

  • The temporal threshold for returns unfolds over a generous span of 14 days from the initiation of the parcel’s journey into your hands, extending its embrace even to faulty products.
  • The criteria for acceptance manifest in the realm of unworn, unwashed items, brandishing all original tags and packaging in tow.


In the realm of sales, refunds, akin to elusive mirages, remain beyond reach. Instead, the tableau unfolds as a canvas for store credit, a value-laden alternative, or an exchange, beckoning with the allure of a different size.

  • Accessories, Jewelry & Masks, for the sake of hygiene, gracefully bow out from the realm of return eligibility.
  • International return sojourns, accompanied by their attendant charges, customs duties, and sundry fees, wear the insignia of customer responsibility.
  • The initiation of a return takes a ceremonial cue from a simple email sent to [email protected], whereupon the custodians of customer care orchestrate the return shipping instructions.
  • In the melancholy eventuality of a faulty or damaged item, a gentle notification to our custodial custodians within 48 hours serves as a beacon of resolution.
  • Alas, the utopian landscape of free exchanges remains a distant mirage. To traverse the path of exchange, a return must be enacted, accompanied by the ritual of placing a new order for the coveted replacement.


Efficiency, akin to a seasoned conductor, guides our returns processing symphony, ensuring the cadence of all returns within a harmonious seven-day orchestration from the moment the item(s) grace our reception.

  • A prompt email, bestowing approval upon your return/exchange overture, graces your inbox within 48 hours of the temporal initiation of your request.


Refunds, akin to a mythical phoenix, rise from the ashes of manufacturing faults. However, the canvas of return and exchange remains a welcoming tapestry for your items.


Once your parcel sets sail into the expanses of delivery, a missive, adorned with shipping details and the hallowed tracking number, graces your inbox.

  • In the unlikely event of a shipping email’s elusiveness within 48 hours of order placement, a potential technical wrinkle may have unfolded. Fear not; our customer care sentinels stand ready to retrieve your tracking number with a simple inquiry, armed with your order number and name.


Regrettably, the sands of time, once committed to the payment and completion of an order, cannot be reversed. The canvas of cancellation remains uncharted. Yet, the prospect of a return beckons, and for nuanced guidance, the Returns & Exchanges policy page stands as a beacon of enlightenment.